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The must-have modules for a Nuxt site p.2.
SEO helps a site appear higher in the search results, thus having a better chance to reach potential users. But to keep users engaged, we need to understand user behaviors across the site. And thus, web analytics tools come to the rescue. By collecting various data, including link clicks, geographic location, browsers, repeated visits, etc, web analytics tools provide significant insights about sites'' visitors and behaviors. Hence it helps to create a better user experience and more. Several web analytics are available for selection, such as Ackee, Matomo, and Google Analytics. Being a free and widely used tool, Google Analytics offers lots of features to track user activities such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, etc, and the information on the traffic source. It requires manually embedding Google Analytics code snippet to your site and a bit of additional work to have the tool integrated and work correctly with Vue projects and Nuxt projects.
A Guide to Localizing with Nuxt.js Phrase.
Equally important, as you would most probably let translators take care ofstring translation - who most likely have no knowledge of Vue components - it is not ideal to have translation inside Vue components. i18n en: hello hello: fr: hello Bonjour: i18ntemplate/template. External JSON or JS files. We can have separate files for each language. It is more like a key-value pair file. Each language will have the same key corresponding to a particular translation. This is the most commonly used method to recommend and easy to maintain. This will not only prevent duplications as we can reference previous translations but also make proper JSON grouping based on features, etc. en.json message Hello, login: username: User" Name, password: Password." Lets install nuxt-i18n and configure it. npm i nuxt-i18n. Since Nuxt does not have a CLI to automatically generate a configuration like vue-cli for vue-i18n, we have to add the following configuration to set up the plugin.
nuxt-seo - npm. Git. Downloads.
SEO HTML meta tags module for NuxtJS. Easy to use, on page SEO. Page title templating. Set default global SEO settings/tags. Customize all SEO options for each page. Canonical tag automatically generated. Supports the OpenGraph protocol. Twitter card support. Local development and testing. To work on a local version of the nuxt-seo package e.g. feature/bug development or testing.: Download the nuxt-seo repo from GitHub either via git clone or the zip archive. On your local computer, change directory into the packages directory. Install the dependencies via npm install. Run npm link to create a local linked package on your for your currently logged in user account. From inside a Nuxt project that you desired to test your local changes, associate your local nuxt-seo package version by performing the following.:
nuxt js seo
How Nuxt JS boosts your website seo score Codementor.
Read programming tutorials, share your knowledge, and become better developers together. Write a post. Find Developers Mentors Community Post Blog SIGN UP LOG IN. Senior Fullstack Developer React JS, Vue JS, Nuxt JS, Node JS, Jamstack. How Nuxt JS boosts your website seo score.
nuxt js seo
添加 SEO 关键信息 使用 Nuxt.js 发布纯静态网站.
添加 SEO 关键信息. SEO 中文全称搜索引擎优化 英文全称 Search Engeine Optimization 简写即 SEO SEO 虽然名为搜索引擎优化 但其实优化的并不是搜索引擎 而是我们自己的页面 目的是提升我们的网页在搜索引擎中的排名. 要知道 流量是很贵的 最便宜的也要好几块/人 那些消费能力强 消费欲望高的用户 一个可能要卖300。所以对于老板来说 如果能够通过 SEO 让我们的网页排到更靠前的位置 引来更多的用户 那么就等于省去了很大一笔费用 所以显而易见 SEO 对他们来说吸引力很大. meta name keywords" 里应该包含关键词. 页面内的标题 即 h1 h2 等 应该包含关键词. 图片等元素的 alt 属性 应该包含关键词. 首先 在页面组件里 添加 head 属性 用来返回头信息 在本次项目中 它必须是个函数 根据页面数据动态返回值. export default head if this meta return; return title: this meta.title, meta: vmid: keywords, name: keywords, content: this meta.keywords, vmid: description, name: description, content: this meta.description, script: body: true, defer: true, src: body: true, defer: true, scr: footer.js.,
Interaktive Websites mit Nuxt.js - für Geschwindigkeit, SEO und Social Media heise online. heise online Logo. heise-Bot. Push Nachrichten. heise online Logo. heise-Bot. Push Nachrichten. comments_outline_white. heise-Bot. Push Nachrichten.
Während die Nutzer schon lesen und scrollen können, wird die Seite durch das nachgeladene JavaScript nahtlos zur interaktiven Single-Page-App. Da das CSS eingebettet vor dem HTML steht, entfällt ein häufiger Grund für einen ruckelnden Seitenaufbau. Verwenden die Entwickler responsives CSS, so werden Platzhalter für Grafiken beim ersten Rendern in der passenden Größe vorgehalten und der zweite Grund für einen ruckelnden Seitenaufbau entfällt. Warum gerade Nuxt.js? Für alle drei populären JavaScript-Frameworks stehen Erweiterungen für Universal Web Apps zur Verfügung: Für Angular ist es Angular Universal, für Vue.js ist es Nuxt.js und für React NEXT.js oder auch Gatsby. Die Entscheidung zwischen diesen Erweiterungen fällt nicht leicht: Mit welchem Framework sind die Entwickler eher vertraut?
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How to make a Nuxt.Js application SEO friendly. javascript vue nuxt seo. If you want to use Nuxt.js for your web application's' quick and responsive UI, you need also to know how to use Nuxt.js to create an SEO-friendly application. In this article, we'll' look at how we can improve the SEO performance of our Nuxtjs website. What is SEO. SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of taking efforts to improve the ranking of a website or piece of content on Google.
Meta Tags in Nuxt.js - GeeksforGeeks.
In this article, we are going to learn how meta tags and SEO work in NuxtJs. Nuxt.js is a free and open-source web application framework based on Vue.js, Node.js, Webpack, and Babel.js. Nuxt is inspired by Next.js, which is a framework of a similar purpose, based on React.js.
How to Build a SEO-friendly Website Using Nuxt.js.
PWA support is a necessity in my opinion. Use a custom UI framework - You can choose if you want a UI framework to be installed and configured in your app. I usually use Vuetify. Use a custom test framework - Use the one you like or none.
Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO. One of the biggest selling points of by DSR-Derick Sozo Ruiz Vue Mastery Medium.
Its not uncommon for different pages throughout your application to share some of the same meta tags. Nuxt lets you set up the defaults for each of your pages by setting up the head property in the nuxt.config.js file. module.exports head: titleTemplate: '%s' - Nuxt.js', meta: Each object in this array is its own meta tag charset: utf-8 name: viewport, content: 'widthdevice-width, initial scale1'' hid: description, name: description, content: 'Meta' description'.'
How to get Stack Overflow SEO friendly URL structure in Nuxt js Edureka Community.
How to get Stack Overflow SEO friendly URL structure in Nuxt js. Stack Overflow has the following URL structure question ID / question title, and if you miss type the question title you will be permanently redirected 301 to the correct URL as long as you have the correct question ID.
Vue SEO and Reasons to Use NUXT for Your App
Is Vue SEO-friendly and does NUXT help to optimize your app? Is Vue SEO friendly? Here we explain how to fit Vue and SEO together and why to use NUXT to optimize your app. Share this article. Vue Router and SPA URLs. Vue SEO and rich metadata. Vue SEO and server-side rendering SSR. NUXT vs Vue for SEO-friendly apps. Adding NUXT to optimize a Vue app for SEO. Vue developers for your project. Quick Vue.js SEO Q&A. Share this article. Photo by NisonCo PR and SEO on Unsplash. Do you want your future Vue.js web app rank in search results? If yes, dont forget to list this among your requirements from the start. Considering the SEO challenges that all single-page apps SPAs face, dont treat your Vue app SEO-friendliness as an afterthought. Rather than being a small detail to fix later, its a factor that may predefine how your app will be built on the whole. It doesnt mean Vue isnt good for SEO. In fact, Vue.js offers solutions that work awesome for search engine optimization.

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