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nuxt-i18n: Versions Openbase.
2 years ago. incorrect SEO links when vue-loader forces local i18n instance 786 8cf173d closes 785. 2 years ago. pass to-be-loaded locale when lazy-loading from exported function 752 145f3b2 closes 742. handling of trailing slash in localePath 756 1a69387 closes 717. initial redirect breaks reactivity in static mode 54b8186 closes 737. preserve query when handling rootRedirect 771 b201609. types: extend NuxtOptions with i18n when using i18n in the root of Nuxt config 7c5241b.
nuxt-i18nでNuxt.jsの国際化して 英語版と日本語版を用意する - くらげになりたい.
VuetifyでThemeを設定しているときは seo オプションを無効にしないといけないぽい VuetifyはThemeを考慮した css がheadに追加するが nuxt- i18n がそれを消してしまう. なので nuxt.config.jsで seo オプションをOFFにして 自分でマージすればOK. nuxt.config.js modules: nuxt-i18n" seo: false, layouts/default.vue export default head const i18nSeo this $nuxtI18nSeo return htmlAttrs: My HtmlAttrs i18nSeo.htmlAttrs, meta: My Metas i18nSeo.meta, link: My Links refs: Breaks styles when using with vuetify including tag.
nuxt i18n seo
awesome-nuxt A curated list of awesome things related to Nuxt.js.
yashha/wp-nuxt-stack-starter - Opinionated starter featuring Wordpress integration and Nuxt Stack with basic SEO configuration, rss feed and sitemap. suf-stack/generator-suf-stack-aws-koa-nuxt - Serverless, Universal, Full-stack yeoman generator for AWS/Koa.js/Nuxt.js. hex-digital/nuxtpress - A modern Nuxt headless WordPress starter kit; dockerised, SEO-friendly and with development and testing tools pre-integrated. mmoollllee/nuxt-starter-template - Template for basic static site generated marketing website. vinayakkulkarni/module-template-ava - Starter template for Nuxt.js Modules using Ava instead of Jest. rk-nuxt-atomic-design-starter - Atomic Design starter template for nuxt.js. mrsunshine/docker-nuxt - Docker image to build and run a Nuxt application in production mode. Hello World - Simple Nuxt.js Hello World Example. TODO MVC - TodoMVC example app. Auth0 - Basic app with auth0 as authentication provider. Middleware - Example about how to properly use Middleware in Nuxt.js. Internationalization i18n - Nuxt.js app with i18n support and implementation.
nuxt i18n seo
Improving the SEO of a Nuxt Js site with Meta Tags Midstride Tech Inc.
Its needed if you want to overwrite any meta tag with another one. The most obvious example is where you have dynamically generated URLs which need to have custom meta tags. This is of course very important to have for search engines so that they can uniquely index each of your pages. For now, just note that the HID value can be anything you want. I just decided to call it description and keywords to keep things simple. Custom Meta Tags per URL with HID. In the case of our site, we use the file _slug/index.vue to generate unique blog post URLs. This file will have access to blog post data defined in a vuex store. We currently store all of the SEO data within each blog post like this. id: 6, is_published: true, slug: seo-for-nuxt, title: 'Improving' the SEO of a Nuxt Js site', created_at: 07/20/2017, meta: id: 6, name: 'Improving' the SEO of a Nuxt site', content: 'Tips' for having a Nuxt site optimized for SEO', keywords: 'vuejs, nuxtjs, seo, meta, sitemap, modules'.'
Taking a Symfony Vue project to the Nuxt level Theodo.
You could have added v2 at the beginning of the new routes and create an easy Nginx rule to proxy_pass those URLs to the Nuxt server. That is true. But it implies to create 301 or 302 redirects from routeA to v2/routeA which is bad for Performance SEO.
A Guide to Localizing with Nuxt.js Phrase.
Equally important, as you would most probably let translators take care ofstring translation - who most likely have no knowledge of Vue components - it is not ideal to have translation inside Vue components. i18n en: hello hello: fr: hello Bonjour: i18ntemplate/template. External JSON or JS files. We can have separate files for each language. It is more like a key-value pair file. Each language will have the same key corresponding to a particular translation. This is the most commonly used method to recommend and easy to maintain. This will not only prevent duplications as we can reference previous translations but also make proper JSON grouping based on features, etc. en.json message Hello, login: username: User" Name, password: Password." Lets install nuxt-i18n and configure it. npm i nuxt-i18n. Since Nuxt does not have a CLI to automatically generate a configuration like vue-cli for vue-i18n, we have to add the following configuration to set up the plugin.
slug url clean speaking seo i18n l10n transliterate script language. 3.0.0 Published 2 years ago broken-link-checker. Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML. 404 html hyperlink links seo url. 0.7.8 Published 5 years ago gatsby-plugin-next-seo. SEO plugin for Gatsby projects. gatsby gatsby-plugin seo ssr. 1.10.0 Published 8 months ago nuxt-jsonld. manage JSON-LD in Vue component. attribute head meta seo vue nuxt jsonld.
5 common mistakes with relcanonical Google Search Central Blog Google Developers. Google. Google.
Backlinks and reconsideration requests. Verify your site in Webmaster Tools using Google Tag Manager. Changes in rankings of smartphone search results. Event report: White Hat SEO for First Grade Webmasters. Let's' prevent illegal hacking of the site. Upcoming event: Site Clinic 2013.
Why I converted my vue SPA into nuxt SSR? - Suprith Reddy.
Skip to content. Why I converted my vue SPA into nuxt SSR? By Suprith Reddy Published On: December 14th, 2020. Single-page applications are the easiest and the most effective way to build web applications in recent years. As the trend of javascript has progressed SPAs also found their recognition and have been adopted by most of the web developers around the world. Whilst they are easy, quick to create and scalable there are few challenges that cannot be solved by single-page applications. The most important issue being the SEO of the application.
How to translate slugs with Nuxt.js and Storyblok - Storyblok.
As you may know, these days SEO is really important. Having a translated URL for your website will boost your SEO performance. Check out the google documentation, it encourages you to do that. Let's' create the project. If you already have a project with nuxt and nuxt-i18n skip to the next point. Or check out the code directly. npx create-nuxt-app myproject. Make sure to select axios. From here you need to install nuxt-i18n. npm install -save-dev nuxt-i18n. You need to create a file store/index.js to activate the store in your NuxtJS project and make Nuxt i18n work.
Améliorer son score SEO avec VueJS NuxtJS Articles Zeste de Savoir.
Mais la route est encore longue vers la gloire et la page 1 de Google Les métadonnées, indispensables pour bien identifier vos pages! Maintenant, nous avons indiqué les URL de nos pages, avec quelques informations utiles à lindexation, grâce à notre sitemap. Il est temps désormais de personnaliser les résultats que vont renvoyer les moteurs de recherche. Pour cela, nous allons recourir aux métadonnées. Les métadonnées sont des informations relatives au document HTML que votre serveur renvoie au navigateur, et ont plusieurs utilités! Une métadonnée de base des pages web est lencodage des caractères, qui est la plupart du temps lUTF-8. Ou encore le Content-Type dun contenu chargé par votre navigateur est-ce un script JS? Une feuille de style CSS Il existe énormément de métadonnées avec plusieurs usages. Nous allons nous concentrer sur celles permettant daméliorer les résultats des moteurs de recherche sur notre site. Nuxt nous facilite la tâche pour définir des métadonnées et les personnaliser page par page.
Nuxt i18n - SEO meta not being correctly generated on build with differentDomains: true - Get Help - Vue Forum.
Nuxt rendering mode See mode: universal, Nuxt target See target: static, Headers of the page See head: title: 'Sebastien' Delrue, Work', meta: charset: utf-8 name: viewport, content: 'widthdevice-width, initial-scale1'' link: rel: icon, type: image/x-icon, href: favicon.png Global CSS css: Plugins to load before mounting the App plugins: src: plugins/ga.js, mode: client Auto import components See components: true, Nuxt.js dev-modules buildModules: @nuxt/typescript-build, Doc: @nuxtjs/tailwindcss, Nuxt.js modules modules: nuxt-i18n Build configuration See build: i18n: seo: true, detectBrowserLanguage: false, baseUrl: ', differentDomains: process.env.NODE_ENV production, lazy: true, locales: code: en, iso: en-US, file: en_US.js, domain: code: fr, iso: fr-FR, file: fr_FR.js, domain: langDir: locales/, defaultLocale: en., scriptexport default name: Default, head return title: this.$t 'seo.home.title', meta: hid: description, name: description, content: this.$t 'seo.home.description', hid: og title, property: og title, content: this.$t 'seo.home.title'' hid: twitter title, property: twitter title, content: this.$t 'seo.home.title'' hid: og description, property: og description, content: this.$t 'seo.home.description'' hid: twitter description, property: twitter description, content: this.$t 'seo.home.description'' script.,

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